Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NY Times finds truth abusive to its readers - and detrimental to its earnings

Yesterday we commented on this post in the NY Times environmental blog. The post in question describes carbon emissions associated with different kinds of food.

Our comment informed the readers that carbon (read "carbon dioxide") emissions are irrelevant for the environment and global warming / climate change, for the simple reason that the IPCC climate models are wrong - they have been refuted by the satellite measurements performed during the last 30 years. We also mentioned our scientific paper that has demonstrated all of the above, explaining that it fact our Earth is heading to a new Little Ice Age, caused by the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum, to be in full swing within 40 years.

The comments on this blog are moderated, with the policy being that "generally, comments will be published if they are on the point and not abusive". We trust that our comment is on the very point of the issue discussed in the blog post, as in fact there is no need to get stressed about carbon emissions, at all. Therefore, it should have been rejected based on the "abusive" clause. However, the real reason is a conflict of interests, as NY Times is publicizing "carbon investments", "green energy" and such like on the same blog, therefore exposing the IPCC climate fraud may reduce the NY Times earnings. Crime pays.

American Democracy, medium rare, please ...

Follows the full text of our comment, submitted to the NY Times blog, for the benefit of the inquiring Reader.


Please be aware that carbon emissions due to any type of human activity are completely irrelevant for climate and environment.

Indeed, as we recently demonstrated in our paper "Climate Change Policies for the XXIst Century: Mechanisms, Predictions and Recommendations" (you can find the text if you Google for the entire title), nothing has ever been wrong with the climate, while the catastrophic predictions produced by the IPCC come from faulty climate models, time and again refuted by the results of satellite measurements made during the last 30 years.

In reality we are all going towards a new Little Ice Age, coming in full force within the next 40 years, and caused by the approaching Grand Solar Minimum, similar to the Maunder Minimum. Moreover, any and all climate change observed during the last 150 years has been caused by factors external to the climate system, such as changes in solar activity, and not by microscopic changes in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide or any other human-dependent effect.

We therefore vehemently object to the usage of the word "science" with respect to the IPCC activities, which should be characterized as either political or religious activism, and should not be financed by the taxpayer money any longer.


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